Top 5 Hotel Safety Tips Travelers Should Never Ignore

Nowadays, staying in a hotel is not like Sunday picnic where you stumble sloppily. You get tired and seek to get some sleep by letting your guard down. Unfortunately, this is no time to throw caution to the wind.  Scammers use the relaxed atmosphere as a smokescreen to start their illicit ventures. So it is crucial to do your absolute best to ensure your safety.  Here are the top hotel safety tips culled by experts that you should never ignore.

The first safety rule is to keep your luggage otherwise it could be snatched. Thieves can take advantage of the distraction on the busy lobby, and you will end up with losing your luggage. Many safety experts advise staying in between the third and sixth floors that are high enough to avoid easy break-ins.

Secondly, don’t place your credit card on the check-in counter. It will become a way too easy for a smart thief to glance over it and steal your information with a good camera. Also, always make sure that it’s your credit card, not a bogus card when handed back to you after payment.

Ask for two business cards. Place one card in your room by the phone to deal with any emergency. You will have the name and address of to call for help. Keep the other in your pocket or purse to show the cab driver your location in case you get lost.

Check the functioning of the lock in your room and ensure that the door has a deadbolt. Further, secure the door with a door wedge while you are sleeping or in the shower.

In case of power outage or if there’s an alarm, place a flashlight by the bed. This light will help you navigate your way in an unfamiliar building.

Last but not the least, having a life insurance makes a wise move to deal with such mishaps. Take this life insurance quiz from Health IQ to get to know more about reducing the insurance cost. Following these safety tips will help to prevent your fiesta from becoming a fiasco.